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Pass (isolate) a value, not variable, in Javascript

I found an article detailing some “oddities” in Javascript today. The callback argument in the replace method was new for me, though I feel that there must be some eccentric behavior that pushed this “secret” into the shadows. Number 7 proved the most beneficial for me. My attempts to pass the current value of a [...]

Test your website on mobile devices

I just ran into ProtoFluid today, via this post.  It allows you to test your webpage/web app on various mobile devices and screen sizes without having to own them  I wish there was an option to choose your OS instead of device, but other than that, it works great! I’ve been waiting for this…

Building an email newsletter

I found a great article on building an email newsletter, to be sent by gmail, yahoo and/or hotmail.  It’s true that these email clients revert to early-nineties rendering to accomodate old table-based documents.  Bleh. How To Code HTML Email Newsletters

Print to Spot Color PDF in MS Publisher 2003

Typical story: the printer calls and says they need the file in spot colors instead of process.  I say I think the file originated in Publisher (wasn’t me!).  Audible sigh on the other line.  I reply I’ll get it to them as soon as possible. An hour (and a few more gray hairs) later and I [...]

Web Style Guide 3

I’ve read the entire Web Style Guide 3 and love it.  It is essential to solid web design, as well as planning and production phases in web development.  As a relatively new medium, there are not yet time-tested conventions and standards for web design and development, compared to print which has been around for 500 years.  The [...]

Constructors and Prototypes in JavaScript

I think I’m finally starting to understand.  I don’t know how many articles and tutorials I’ve read on JavaScript, but I’ve walked away from all of them with a very vague idea of what just took place.  I think the reason I admire/appreciate Douglas Crockford is that he’s a true programmer and understands the history [...]

Code Conventions for the JavaScript Programming Language

Catching up on Crockford.  There’s so much I don’t know. Let’s start here:

Article: Top 25 Most Dangerous Programming Mistakes This article provides a wealth of information on how to protect your web application from malicious little web people.  25 points are summarized, with links to a thorough explanation of each scenario from the Common Weakness Enumeration.