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JSON native object

Why did it take me so long to find the docs on the native JSON object? Too many blog posts on other implementations of JSON and JSONP with third-party libraries (I still love you, jQuery). IE 7 doesn’t support it… I’ll have to check my analytics and see if that even matters anymore…

jQuery Date/Time Picker

I found a great date/time picker for jQuery today. There are enough date pickers on the net to fill a house, but finding a good time picker has always been a challenge.  The reason is that dates – in the ubiquitous tabular calendar, which happens to be very click-conducive  -  are a familiar sight that [...]

ini_set in PHP

Installed Mail, Auth_SASL, Net_SMTP and Net_Socket in PHP but still getting an error? Find the directories that have the “Mail” and “Net” folders (installed with your PEAR mail packages, probably above your “public_html” or “www” directory) and set your include path to point to that directory for the duration of your script (it resets at [...]