jQuery Date/Time Picker I found a great date/time picker for jQuery today. There are enough date pickers on the net to fill a house, but finding a good time picker has always been a challenge.  The reason is that dates – in the ubiquitous tabular calendar, which happens to be very click-conducive  -  are a familiar sight that are presented to us everyday in essentially the same format.  Times, on the other hand, are thrown at us in analog, digital, 12h/24h, etc, none of which are conducive to clicking or anything else interactive.  This jQuery plugin (which is actually a time picker plugin that piggy-backs off the official jQuery Date Picker plugin) gives the user a visually appealing way to chose the time.  Pretty nice.

As fantastic as this plugin is, I still have to admit that the time picker that truly breaks convention and reaches for a new paradigm in time picking is jquery.timepickr.  In an attempt to provide a time picker that uses a maximum of two clicks (none if you use the hover mode), this plugin takes a half-second to overcome the initial feeling of awe, then functions flawlessly for quick, intuitive time picking.


Both are definitely worth a look!