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Test your website on mobile devices

I just ran into ProtoFluid today, via this post.  It allows you to test your webpage/web app on various mobile devices and screen sizes without having to own them :)  I wish there was an option to choose your OS instead of device, but other than that, it works great!

I’ve been waiting for this…

Building an email newsletter

I found a great article on building an email newsletter, to be sent by gmail, yahoo and/or hotmail.  It’s true that these email clients revert to early-nineties rendering to accomodate old table-based documents.  Bleh.

How To Code HTML Email Newsletters

Run MS Access Macro with Javascript in HTA

Combined examples from this site and that site to make the following:

        var oAccess = new ActiveXObject('Access.Application');
        oAccess.Visible = false;

        oAccess.Quit(2); //2 = acQuitSaveNone option for save command
        oAccess = null;

Retain XP buttons in HTA

Just found how to retain Windows XP style in an HTA (buttons and such).  Beautiful!

<META HTTP-EQUIV="MSThemeCompatible" CONTENT="Yes">

Thanks to this post.

ADODB CursorType when recordset opened through command object

Well, this would have been nice to know an hour ago.  CursorType and LockType on a recordset can’t be changed when it is opened through a command object.

My favorite part: “This behavior is by design.

PRB: Use Open Method to Change CursorType and LockType

Photoshop thumbnails in Windows

For you who use Photoshop and Windows, this is essential.  It works.

View thumbnail images for Photoshop PSD files in Windows

Google Fonts?

I just came across this.  Google font directory.  Useable on any webpage.  Cool.

Google Font API

CSS Typography in the Future

Great look at the future of typography controls in CSS.

And I love the poster.

The Future of CSS Typography

Ext Js – JavaScript Framework

I stumbled on Ext JS a long time ago, when I was first getting into web apps.  Only now do I really appreciate them, if only as inspiration.

Wallpaper changer for Windows XP

The Mrs wanted a wallpaper changer, but the Powertoys one doesn’t work because she’s using a limited account and it tries to create the bmp file in a restricted directory.  So I made her one.  Don’t ask me how it works, it makes my head hurt to just look at its ugliness.  My VB is so rusty.

Wallpaper changer for Windows XP continued »