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Web Design Helpers

I just ran into two nifty web design helpers: ProCSSor – ever edited your CSS in Dreamweaver, Notepad, Notepad 2, in-browser editor and some other program at work you don’t remember?  Then you know what it’s like to see your CSS go to pot.  ProCSSor re-prettifies your CSS automatically. Maki – an app that you [...]

Retain XP buttons in HTA

Just found how to retain Windows XP style in an HTA (buttons and such).  Beautiful! <META HTTP-EQUIV=”MSThemeCompatible” CONTENT=”Yes”> Thanks to this post.

jQuery Date/Time Picker

I found a great date/time picker for jQuery today. There are enough date pickers on the net to fill a house, but finding a good time picker has always been a challenge.  The reason is that dates – in the ubiquitous tabular calendar, which happens to be very click-conducive  -  are a familiar sight that [...]

Line breaks in textarea from Access

To retain linebreaks in textarea from an MS Access database,  replace linefeeds with carriage return/linefeed pair and then save the input. Javascript example: strInput.replace(/\n/g, ‘%0D%0A’) This replaces all linefeeds (line breaks) in the strInput (using “/\n/g”) with %0D%A which signal end of data (same as a carriage return and linefeed). The original input from the [...]